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Instant job matching for the construction industry.

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Laber App Preview


Laber is a free app serving the construction industry in unprecedented ways, using cutting-edge technology to efficiently connect companies with perfectly matched professionals. Whether you’re looking for work or looking to hire, trust Laber to make finding construction opportunities and applicants the easiest part of the process. The work is hard, but finding the right match doesn’t have to be.

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App Screenshot
App Screenshot

Laber leverages a custom job matching algorithm that allows workers to easily find jobs based on their skills and employers to quickly identify the best candidate for the job.

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    Skills and certifications

    Workers are matched with jobs that best match their skills and certifications that are verified by the Laber team.

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    Workers are ranked based on the vicinity of the job to their desired work location.

The Team

  • Nathan Ho Profile

    Nathan Ho


    Passion for technology and respect for blue-collar work is what brought Laber Inc to reality. As a 20-year veteran of the tech industry I’m excited to bring some of that technology to the construction industry. Please reach out if we can better support your industry.

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